AAIB investigation to Grob G115E Tutor, G-BYWK

Pilot induced oscillation, Colerne Airfield, Somerset, 11 October 2014.


Earlier on the day of the accident, the student pilot had flown a circuit consolidation exercise, during which she conducted eight landings. Her instructor reported that the circuits were generally well flown. Following three consecutive good landings, the instructor made the decision that his student was ready to undertake her first solo flight.

The weather was fine, with a surface wind from 220° at 9 kt. The student was briefed to fly a single circuit on Runway 20, a 900 m hard runway. The circuit was observed by the student’s instructor, watching from the ATC control tower. He reported that it appeared satisfactory until the point of landing, when the aircraft bounced a number of times. The student decided to abandon the landing attempt and successfully flew a go-around manoeuvre.

On the second landing attempt the aircraft again bounced a number of times and appeared to enter a Pilot Induced Oscillation (PIO) for a time, before the student pilot was able to bring the aircraft under control on the runway. She was instructed to taxi clear of the runway and await assistance. It was subsequently established that the aircraft’s propeller and tail skid had struck the runway surface.

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Grob G115E Tutor G-BYWK 01-15

Published 9 January 2015