AAIB investigation to Gemini Flash IIA, G-MVJE

Loss of control on landing, Otherton Airfield, 14 June 2014.


While landing on grass Runway 07, with a reported wind of 10 mph from the south-east, the pilot reportedly hit a bump or dip and the aircraft drifted to the left. He attempted to correct this but reported that a gust of wind from the right then lifted the right wing causing the aircraft to roll left. He attempted to steer left but the aircraft tipped such that the left wing and nose contacted the ground.

The pilot, who was wearing a lap harness and protective helmet, was uninjured. He considered that the accident was caused by a combination of hitting the bump or dip and the gusting crosswind conditions.

Download report:

Gemini Flash IIA G-MVJE 11-14.pdf

Published 10 December 2014