AAIB investigation to Extra EA 300/200, G-TWOO

Landing gear broke following ground loop on landing at Wombleton Airfield on 6 December 2014.


After a normal approach and landing on Runway 28 at Wombleton Airfield, the pilot applied the brakes towards the end of the landing roll. He reported that the right brake worked, but the left did not and he was unable to prevent the aircraft ground-looping to the right. The left tyre found sufficient grip on the dry surface that the left main landing gear leg fractured and folded inwards.

The maintenance organisation which examined the aircraft after recovery found no anomalies with the braking system, but advised that they are aware of an issue with earlier Extras whereby the pedal travel becomes progressively longer (and the brakes less effective) over a number of landings. The solution is to remove the brake hydraulic reservoir cap and exercise the brakes to take up the slave cylinder clearance, which is caused by the fact that the reservoir cap is sealed. The company advocates doing this at about 25 landing intervals but when they tested G-TWOO’s system, it did not exhibit excessive pedal travel.

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Extra EA 300 200, G-TWOO

Published 14 May 2015