AAIB investigation to Escapade, G-LEEK

Ground looped after landing, Haverfordwest Aerodrome, 17 July 2014.


The pilot had completed an earlier flight using Runway 03 at Haverfordwest Aerodrome. The forecast wind was from the north-north-east at 7 kt. Towards the end of his second sortie with an approach to Runway 09, the pilot quickly glanced at the wind sock and confirmed that little wind was present. He reported that, after touchdown, the left wing lifted and the aircraft slewed to the left. The application of right rudder did not correct the problem. The right wheel was caught by gravel as the aircraft departed the left side of the runway at low speed and the right leg broke away from the fuselage.

The pilot stated that the actual wind was varying in direction from that forecast to being more easterly and with a speed of 0 7 kt. He considered that the loss of control after landing was due to a gust of wind from the left and, with hindsight, he should have used Runway 03 as he had for his earlier flight.

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Escapade G-LEEK 12-14

Published 16 December 2014