AAIB investigation to Cirrus SR22, N222SW

Bounce on landing at Bembridge Airport, 12 April 2014.


The pilot was flying to Bembridge from Fairoaks, Surrey. Upon landing on Runway 30, the touchdown on the mainwheels resulted in a bounce followed by a second bounce on the nosewheel. He applied power to go around and climbed away but became aware that, although the engine appeared to be running smoothly, the aircraft was not achieving its normal performance. He decided to return to Fairoaks, during which he noted that it was only reaching about 80% of its normal cruise speed. After landing, it could be seen that the propeller had struck the ground and there was also damage to the nose landing gear and spat.

Download report:

Cirrus SR22 N222SW 09-14.pdf (127.56 kb)

Published 10 December 2014