AAIB investigation to Cirrus SR20, G-VGAG

Loss of control on landing, London Southend Airport, 12 November 2014.


The pilot reported that the aircraft was being landed on asphalt Runway 24 when the accident occurred. The weather was fine, with a surface wind from 190° at 14 kt, and the runway surface was damp. The aircraft bounced after a firm touchdown and the pilot applied full power with the intention of flying a go-around. However, the aircraft rolled to the left and its wing struck the runway. The aircraft deviated to the left and landed on the grass beyond the runway edge. It continued across taxiway ‘B’ before coming to a rest on the grass beyond, 380 m from the runway threshold. Neither occupant was injured but the aircraft sustained damage to its left wing, landing gear and propeller. The surface of the taxiway was also damaged, principally through propeller strikes and failing landing gear components.

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Cirrus SR20 G-VGAG 02-15

Published 12 February 2015