AAIB investigation to Cessna 182T, N2231F

Loss of directional control on landing, Tiree Airport, Isle of Tiree, 23 May 2014.


The accident occurred at the end of a flight from Perth Aerodrome to Tiree Airport. The weather was fine with a forecast surface wind of 21 kt from 030°. On first contacting Tiree ATC, the pilot was given an actual surface wind of 20 kt from 020° and he elected to land on Runway 05. The aircraft joined the circuit downwind and flew a normal approach.

As the pilot completed his flare, the aircraft yawed right through about 45°. The pilot was unable to correct the swing and decided to fly a go-around. The aircraft started to gain height, but by now was diverging to the right of the runway centreline and its nose landing gear struck a boundary fence which partially detached from its supports. With the fence still attached to the nose landing gear, the aircraft landed on uneven ground beyond the fence line and pitched forward onto its nose. There was minor damage to the cabin area but neither occupant was injured.

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Cessna 182T N2231F 08-14.pdf (134.14 kb)

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Published 10 December 2014