AAIB investigation to CASA 1-131E Series 1000 Jungmann, G-BUCK

Landing gear collapse, White Waltham, 10 July 2014.


The pilot described the approach and landing as normal, but as the speed reduced he noticed the left wing beginning to drop. The pilot held the wing up with the ailerons, until the speed reduced so much that the ailerons were no longer effective and the wing touched the ground causing the aircraft to yaw gently approximately 10º to the left before it came to a halt. The pilot shut the aircraft down and vacated normally.

A subsequent inspection revealed a fractured bracket at the rear of the right landing gear strut. This had allowed the landing gear to spread, and the left landing gear leg to move sideways. The pilot considers the initial failure may have occurred during the takeoff roll, as he recalled going over a larger than normal bump at a runway intersection.

Download report:

CASA 1-131E Series 1000 Jungmann G-BUCK 11-14.pdf

Published 10 December 2014