AAIB investigation to BAE Systems Jetstream 31, G-GAVA

Special Bulletin S5/2014 - BAE Systems Jetstream 31, G-GAVA at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, 15 August 2014.


The aircraft’s left main landing gear failed shortly after it landed on Runway 20 at Doncaster Sheffield Airport. The left main landing gear detached from its mounts and the aircraft slid along the runway on its remaining landing gear, left wingtip and luggage pannier before veering off the runway and coming to rest on the adjacent grass. The single passenger and the flight crew vacated the aircraft without injury.

Preliminary findings indicate that the failure was initiated as a result of stress corrosion cracking in the forward yoke pintle at the top of the left landing gear leg. Further analysis is required to determine the precise details of the failure, however, the preliminary findings are of significance because the same aircraft, operating under a different registration, was involved in a similar accident in 2012 during which the right main landing gear failed. The subsequent investigation identified intergranular corrosion / stress corrosion cracking of the forward yoke pintle at the top of the main landing gear leg as the cause of that failure.

Two Safety Recommendations are made.

Download report:

S5-2014 - BAE Systems Jetstream 31 G-GAVA 10-14.pdf

Published 10 December 2014