AAIB investigation to Aerotechnik EV-97A Eurostar, G-CCEM

Runway excursion and collision with parked aircraft, Oxenhope Airfield, West Yorkshire, 17 May 2014.


The pilot reported that he had carried out a short local flight and some general handling lasting about ten minutes, before landing uneventfully on Runway 29. He then backtracked and lined up to take off again. During the takeoff run the aircraft suddenly turned towards the left and the pilot attempted to regain the centreline using rudder. The aircraft did not respond and it departed the left side of Runway 29, striking another aircraft, G-CDLK, parked with its right wing close to the runway. This contact caused G-CCEM to slew further to the left in the direction of another parked aircraft, G-MESH. The pilot cut the master switch and applied full braking, but was unable to avoid a collision with the second aircraft.

In the pilot’s opinion, his attempt to apply right rudder to regain the centreline resulted in both pedals

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Aerotechnik EV-97A Eurostar G-CCEM

Published 9 April 2015