Aircraft Accident Report 4/2010 - Boeing 777-236, G-VIIR, 26 September 2009

Formal Report AAR 4/2010. Report on the serious incident to Boeing 777-236, G-VIIR at Robert L Bradshaw International Airport, St Kitts, West Indies on 26 September 2009


The crew received the aircraft’s takeoff performance figures for a takeoff from Intersection Alpha on Runway 07 at Robert L Bradshaw International Airport, St Kitts, West Indies. Having received taxi clearance to Intersection Alpha, the aircraft taxied to Intersection Bravo from where it subsequently took off; the crew believed they were at Intersection Alpha. Intersection Bravo on Runway 07 is not an authorised takeoff intersection for the Boeing 777. The estimated Take-off Run Available from Intersection Bravo was approximately 1220 m, which was 695 m less than the planned takeoff run from Intersection Alpha.

The AAIB was informed of the incident by the operator on 29 September 2009 who subsequently notified the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA). The investigation was then delegated to the AAIB which represents the State of Registration.

Three Safety Recommendations have been made.

The investigation identified the following contributory factors:

  1. The airport authority had not installed any taxiway or holding point signs on the airfield.

  2. The crew did not brief the taxi routing.

  3. The crew misidentified Taxiway Bravo for Taxiway Alpha and departed from Intersection Bravo.

  4. The trainee ATCO did not inform the flight crew that they were at Intersection Bravo.

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Summary: AAR 4/2010 Boeing 777-236, G-VIIR

Published 10 December 2014