Science and innovation underpin the economies of both Belgium and the UK. Encouraging work between the two countries therefore produces benefits for both. To promote international collaboration the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office jointly fund the UK Science and Innovation Network based in 31 countries around the world.

Responsibilities and priorities

SIN Belgium facilitates policy exchange between the UK and Belgium and stimulates collaborative partnerships between the two countries.

The team works to the following global objectives:

  • Prosperity – enhancing UK growth and exports; connecting innovative UK industries and scientific expertise with international opportunities
  • Security – delivering solutions to global challenges such as anti-microbial resistance (AMR), health, energy, the conservation and sustainable use of oceans, and enhancing resilience to natural disasters
  • Influence – strengthening the UK’s foreign policy influence through science and innovation
  • Development – supporting international development goals and matching UK expertise to international need

In support of the UK Science and Innovation strategy SIN Belgium is part of the SIN Europe team and shares these priorities across the region.

Our services

We aim to proactively seek out UK-Belgian collaboration in our priority areas of interest, and we are also open to assessing any potential projects that are suggested to us. If you are looking to work with researchers or innovators in the UK or Belgium then please get in touch with the SIN Belgium officers.

Our people:

Lauren Bruffaerts, S&I Officer Belgium, Brussels

Liesbeth Bouwhuis, S&I officer Benelux, The Hague

Sara Gill, S&I officer France and Belgium, Paris

Contact us:

Lauren Bruffaerts, S&I Officer Belgium

British Embassy Brussels

Avenue d’Auderghem 10

1040 Brussels


Contact Lauren Bruffaerts

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Twitter: @UKinBelgium

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