The Science and Innovation Network (SIN) plays an important role in encouraging prosperity and growth by fostering international scientific cooperation.

The Science and Innovation Network (SIN) is based in over 110 officers in over 40 countries/territories around the world. We engage with the global science and innovation community in support of UK policy overseas and mutual scientific and technological benefits.

SIN Argentina’s Head of Science and Innovation, Simon Chater is based in the British Embassy in Buenos Aires, both within the country and also as part of SIN LatAm regional hub (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia), which aims to promote scientific and technological collaboration between these countries and the UK.

The Director of SIN LatAm regional hub, Cindy Parker, based in Brasilia, has strategic oversight for the region.

For a brief covering Argentina’s Science and Innovation landscape and UK priorities in Argentina read the UK Science and Innovation Network Country Snapshot.

Responsibilities and priorities

The team works to the following global objectives:

  • prosperity – enhancing UK growth and exports; connecting innovative UK industries and scientific expertise with international opportunities
  • security – delivering solutions to global challenges such as anti-microbial resistance (AMR), health, energy, the conservation and sustainable use of oceans, and enhancing resilience to natural disasters
  • influence – strengthening the UK’s foreign policy influence through science and innovation
  • development – supporting international development goals and matching UK expertise to international need

Contact us

SIN Argentina

Head of Science and Innovation, Argentina
Luis Agote 2412


Simon Chater
+5411 4808-2293

SIN Latam Hub (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Chile)

Regional Head of Science & Innovation – Latin America



Cindy Parker
+55 61 3329-2524

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