DIT provides trade and investment services and practical support. We help UK companies succeed in Nigeria, and Nigerian companies set up and invest in the UK.

We offer expertise and contacts through our extensive network of specialists in the UK, and staff in the British High Commission in Abuja and Deputy High Commission in Lagos.

Set up a business and invest in the UK

Discover investment opportunities and learn how your business can expand to the UK on great.gov.uk.

Buy from the UK

Find exceptional and creative UK trade partners with DIT’s Find a Supplier service on great.gov.uk.

Export to Nigeria from the UK

UK companies can increase their sales, growth and stability by selling to Nigeria.

On great.gov.uk, DIT provides:

Export licensing and special rules for Nigeria

Information on products or services which require licences for supply outside of the UK.

Arms embargo and other restrictions on Nigeria

Details of any arms embargoes, trade control restrictions, defence export policies and restrictions on terrorist organisations which may apply to Nigeria.

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British Deputy High Commission
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Department for International Trade Abuja

British High Commission
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General enquiries
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Office hours
Monday to Thursday, 7:30 to 3:30pm
Friday, 7:30am to 12:30pm
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