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Transport sector in Kuwait: Aviation Expansion

Infrastructure and Aviation Expansion at Kuwait International Airport (KIA) is a USD 20 billion project. It aims to expand capacity to handle 25 million passengers per year and become a major passenger and cargo hub for the region. There are multiple UK expertise working at the new passenger terminal (T2).

There are opportunities for UK companies in the following expansion projects:

  • Construction of new terminal, third runway, car park and hotels
  • Reconstruction and extension of the existing runways
  • Construction of primary and secondary access roads and taxiways
  • New control tower and enhancing current control tower facilities

Building new cargo facilities

  • Upgrading other airport infrastructure

Waste Water Treatment

Kuwait needs new waste water treatment plants to fill the deficit in current inflow and also for upcoming cities. Kuwait’s current treatment capacity is 800,000 m3/day. Umm Al hayman wastewater PPP project is awarded in January 2020 for £1.5Bn will add another 500K cubic meter of average daily flow. Future projects include South al mutla wastewater treatment plant (450K m3/day), North Kabd wastewater treatment (750K m3/day), Al Shadadiya pumping station (400K m3/day) and a new 500 ton sludge treatment facility. Opportunities for British companies will be in the areas of detailed design, design supervision, program and project management and entire supply chain.

Housing sector in Kuwait

Public Housing (PAHW) - The shortage of housing and long waiting times for land allocation has resulted in housing being a government priority. The waiting list for government subsidised housing has grown to over 100,000. Public Housing Authority has delivered 36K plots in 2017 with $3.3bn spending year on year on housing projects. Projects under construction, design and planning are:

  • South Al Mutlaa (30K homes) - $13Bn project under construction
  • Al Khiran city (35K homes- 13Bn) under design
  • South Saad Abdullah Residential SMART City (25K homes – $4Bn) under design
  • South Sabah Al Ahmed ($6bn) masterplan under design

There will be significant new opportunities for UK companies in project management, design, construction and wider supply chain. Contact Senior Trade Adviser siraj.hatim@fcdo.gov.uk for more information on infrastructure opportunities.

Health & Life Sciences

Healthcare in Kuwait represents a significant opportunity for UK companies. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Works have announced projects worth £3.2 billion to renovate 12 operational hospitals. The goal is to add 12,000 beds. It is designed to cope with the health needs of a growing, ageing and wealthy national population. Digital health and med-tech are an absolute priority if Kuwait is to become self-sufficient in providing healthcare for its citizens.

There are opportunities for UK companies in:

  • Digital Health/Telemedicine
  • AI, big data and robotics
  • Manufacturing of Medical equipment and supplies
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Hospital Management
  • Medical equipment & devices
  • Education and training of healthcare workers
  • Facilities management

Please contact Senior Trade Adviser gula.al-sharafi@fcdo.gov.uk for more information on opportunities in healthcare and life sciences. For digital health and med-tech please contact Senior Trade Adviser alan.menezes@fcdo.gov.uk



Kuwait is moving from conventional ways of generating Power from fossil fuel to LNG and renewable energy. With a growing population, there has been an increase in demand for more power. To support this demand the following power generation projects have been announced:

  1. Al Zour North Phase II + III
  2. Al-Khairan Power Station phases I
  3. Al -Khairan Power Station phases II
  4. Al -Khairan Power Station phases III
  5. Al Nuwaiseeb phases I
  6. Al Nuwaiseeb phases II


Kuwait has committed to 15% of the power supply in the country from renewable energy by 2030. Regulations have been put in place to promote this initiative in order to harvest an abundant available resource through Solar PV projects on rooftops through the Shagaya Park project, which when completed will have a total installed capacity of approx 4000MW. 1. Shagaya Phase 1 – Completed (CSP 50 MW, PV 10 MW , Wind 10 MW) 2. Shagaya Phase 2 - PV 1500 MW ( will be a PPP project 25 yrs PPA) 3. Shagaya Phase 3 - Al Abrag – Will have total of 2000MW comprising of 200 MW “CSP”,1200 MW “PV” and “Wind” Other opportunities exist in innovative technology in wind farms, network management and battery storage.

Oil & Gas

The focus is on the development of the downstream operations supported by upstream growth for the feedstock. Upcoming opportunities for British companies are in:

  • Capacity and upgrade of the Al Zour refinery
  • PRIZe project will Increase Kuwait’s Polypropylene production and Aromatics by 1000% and 200%
  • Jurassic developments – gathering centres
  • Heavy oil development – gathering centres and tank farms
  • Increase in the marine fleet creates big opportunities for the financial professional services – insurance and risk management

UK business with capabilities in project management, exploration, construction, engineering, industrial innovation, innovative technology solutions and clean energy development are well-respected and winning business in this market. If you wish to access some of these opportunities, please contact Senior Trade Adviser alan.menezes@fcdo.gov.uk for more information.


Kuwait was the first country in the GCC to recognise the food security issue at the start of the Covid pandemic. The Kuwaitis led the call for GCC partners to collaborate on food security and invest in sustainable solutions to make the region more self-sufficient. Risks in traditional supply chains highlighted in the Covid crisis are driving new policies to develop a viable agriculture sector. Innovative technologies and solutions will play a key role in ensuring the country has stable and sustainable food options.

If you are a UK business that is interested in learning more about the opportunities in this sector, please contact Senior Trade Adviser siraj.hatim@fcdo.gov.uk for more information and opportunities in this sector.


Rising demand within the sector has been driven by several factors, including a steadily increasing population, long-term government initiatives (Kuwait Vision 2035) and the current situation with the Covid-19 crisis. There is a growing demand to develop a workforce with skills to meet the demand of industry. Opportunities in Ed-tech, vocational training and soft skills, private education and online degrees & programmes are at the top of the list.

If you are a UK organisation that is interested in learning more about the opportunities in this sector, please contact megan.taylor@fcdo.gov.uk

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