Visa Section

Ahmet Krasniqi Street
Objekti Redoni C1-B, Arberi


Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 09.00am to 14.30pm

Opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday, 8:30am to 5pm
  • Friday, 8:30am to 1:30pm

We are not open on Saturdays and Sundays. Please note, time in Kosovo is GMT+1 during the winter (end of October till end of March) and GMT+2 during the summer (end of March till end of October).

Consular section

The Consular Section office works by appointment only and is therefore not open to the public at all times. See more information on how to make an appointment here.

Disabled access

Customers with disabilities should contact the Embassy in advance to discuss their requirements so we can ensure they have full access to our services. The number to ring is +383 (38) 254 700.

Public holidays 2019

The British Embassy Pristina will be closed on the following public holidays:

  • Tuesday 1 January
  • Wednesday 2 January
  • Monday 7 January
  • Monday 18 February
  • Tuesday 9 April
  • Friday 19 April
  • Monday 22 April
  • Monday 29 April
  • Wednesday 1 May
  • Thursday 9 May
  • Tuesday 4 June
  • Monday 12 August
  • Wednesday 25 December
  • Thursday 26 December