British Embassy Budapest

Füge utca 5-7

Embassy - General Opening Hours

  • Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 4 pm
  • Friday 10 am to 2 pm

Consular Section Opening Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9.30 – 12.30.

Public holidays in 2017

Monday 2 January New Year`s Day UK
Wednesday 15 March 1848 Revolution Hungary
Friday 14 April Good Friday UK
Monday 17 April Easter Monday UK + Hungary
Monday 1 May May Bank Holiday/Labour Day UK + Hungary
Monday 29 May Spring Bank Holiday UK
Tuesday 30 May Privilege Day for Queens Birthday UK
Monday 5 June Whit Monday Hungary
Monday 28 August Summer Bank Holiday UK
Monday 23 October 1956 Revolution Hungary
Wednesday 1 November All Saints Day Hungary
Monday 25 December Christmas Day UK + Hungary
Tuesday 26 December Boxing Day UK
Wednesday 27 December Christmas Break UK


The British Embassy is located near Mechwart liget on the Buda side of the city. Parking is difficult to find around the Embassy so we recommend that you take a taxi or use public transport.

Customers with disabilities

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British Embassy in Budapest wish to ensure that their services are accessible to disabled members of the public. Wherever possible, we have made our buildings and services accessible. Sometimes however, this is not possible due to security or other restrictions. In these situations we will endeavour to provide a service or access to a building in an alternative way to ensure equality of access for disabled people.

To assist disabled visitors, we have set out below details of disabled access to this embassy. We hope this information is helpful.

General physical access

  • entrances. For security reasons, the entrances are obstructed. However, our security staff can provide access once the usual security procedures have been completed
  • steps and staircases. The Consular and Visa Section, and other parts of the Embassy can only be accessed by climbing and steps. Therefore embassy staff are happy to meet disabled visitors at the entrance and escort them to the Consular and Visa Section waiting room
  • lifts. There is a lift, accessible through the main building
  • the Embassy has a mobile stair climber to help wheelchair users to ascend and descend stairs whilst seated
  • toilets. There are toilets on all floors of the Embassy buildings. There is a toilet on the ground floor for wheelchair-users and those with limited physical mobility that can be used by visitors to the Consular and Visa Section. Please ask for assistance from a member of staff for access to this facility
  • parking. For security reasons, there is no visitor parking at the Embassy building. However, if a request for disabled vehicle access is made at least 24 hours before an intended visit to the Embassy, the Embassy will consider the request
  • floor coverings. Floor coverings are safe and even, but the usual care should be taken to avoid slipping
  • handrails are not widely available
  • doors are generally easily accessible to all users. Where they are not, a member of embassy staff will be able to assist
  • lighting is good
  • emergency/evacuation. A member of our security team will be able to assist disabled visitors in the event of an emergency/evacuation
  • phones are accessible to wheelchair users

Access for visually-impaired visitors

  • signs are in both Hungarian and English, are clear, easy to read, and use internationally-recognisable symbols
  • guide dogs are welcome

Access for deaf/hard of hearing visitors

  • hearing loops are not installed
  • minicom and textphones are not installed
  • sign language. No member of the current staff has sign language ability. However, if a visitor to the Embassy requires someone to assist with sign language, and they give enough notice, the Embassy will endeavour to provide one
  • professional signing interpretation is not available. However, if a visitor to the Embassy requires someone to interpret using sign language, and they give enough notice, the Embassy will endeavour to provide one
  • hearing dogs are welcome

Contact us

If you need to visit us or use our services and feel that they may be inaccessible to you, please contact a member of our Corporate Services section, by calling the Embassy on 00 361 266 2888. We will try to find an alternative way of providing access for you.