From Northern Ireland Environment Agency


If you deposit, keep, treat or dispose of waste in Northern Ireland, you may need a waste management licence (WML) from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

This includes in - or on - land, via a mobile plant and permitting such activities.

How to apply

You can apply online or use a paper form available from NIEA. You must provide all the information requested in the form, including:

  • any maps or plans
  • site references
  • planning permissions
  • relevant previous convictions
  • financial provision
  • descriptions of how your site is used

You should contact NIEA to discuss your proposals before completing the application.

If you fail to provide enough information, NIEA may return, refuse or postpone your application.

You (or someone else in management of your business) must also prove that they are technically competent, by holding the relevant certificate from the Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board (WAMITAB). If you are awaiting a relevant WAMITAB certificate, NIEA may still approve your application. However, you must produce the certificate within two years of your application.

NIEA may require you to carry out certain works before issuing your licence. They may also issue a notice to anyone else that has an interest in the land (eg the land owner, lessee or occupier) informing of their intention to grant a WML. These people can then make representations to NIEA in response.

NIEA won’t grant a licence if you don’t have planning permission or water discharge consent when it is needed. You should get these before you consider applying.


Your licence may have specific conditions attached to it, depending on your type of waste management (eg hazardous or putrescible waste). If you dispose of waste, your licence will have limits or guidance for the following:

  • types and quantities of waste
  • technical requirements
  • security precautions you must take
  • the waste treatment site
  • treatment methods for waste

You will be subject to periodic inspections by NIEA. You will also be required to keep records of quantity, nature, origin, destination and frequency of collection, mode of transport and treatment method of any waste which is disposed of or recovered at your site. NIEA can request these records at any time.

Some activities may be exempt from a licence and or require a registered exemption instead. To register an exemption, you must include information specific to your type of waste activity.

To surrender a WML, you must complete and return the relevant form to NIEA and pay a fee.