Vehicle registration schemes for the motor trade

Automated First Registration and Licensing system

The Automated First Registration and Licensing (AFRL) system is a web-based version of the secure registration scheme and it can save you time if you decide to join it.

You must be approved to register vehicles via the secure forms route (eg, using forms V55/1 or V55/2) to register on AFRL.

DVLA staff will provide initial training in the system and there’s also a helpdesk that operates from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) control check arrangements

You still need to maintain the same paper records you needed for the secure registration system before you transferred to the AFRL system.

These could include:

  • V55 document security (when used as back up for printer or computer failure or other registration purposes)
  • derogation forms from potential new vehicle suppliers
  • spot check records

The DVLA or VCA may visit you to make sure control checks and security systems are being maintained.

How to apply

Email if you register your vehicles on forms V55/1 or V55/2.

Email if:

  • you register your vehicles on form V55/4
  • you want to register for the secure registration scheme before joining the AFRL system