Vehicle registration schemes for the motor trade

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There are 3 vehicle registration schemes for the motor trade. They are:

  • the non-secure registration scheme
  • the secure registration scheme
  • the Register a Vehicle (RaV) service

You can use these schemes if you’re a:

  • vehicle manufacturer
  • sole or multiple import concessionaire
  • VAT-registered motor vehicle trader

Using the schemes

When you first start registering vehicles, you have to use the non-secure scheme. The other 2 schemes are designed to speed up the vehicle registration process.

You can apply to the secure scheme when you’ve been using the non-secure scheme without irregularities or issues for 6 months.

You need to have used the secure scheme for 3 months if you want to use the RaV service.

The Vehicle Register

This is maintained by DVLA. It’s based on the information provided on the V55 registration form or by the RaV service.