University Clearing through UCAS

You can apply for other courses through Clearing if you do not get a place on your chosen university course.

You may find another course through Clearing if:

  • you’re flexible about the course you study
  • you have reasonable exam results

You may still get a place on one of your chosen courses if you miss your grades by a narrow margin.

Who can use Clearing

You can use Clearing if:

  • you’ve completed a UCAS application
  • you do not get any offers
  • your offers are not confirmed
  • you’ve turned down all the offers you received

You’ll automatically be entered into clearing if you apply late for your course (after 30 June).

Find a course through Clearing

Clearing runs from mid-July to September each year. You can find out which courses have vacancies through UCAS from mid-August to late September. Not all universities or courses have vacancies, and some may be filled quickly.

You can contact universities and colleges about getting a place once you’ve got your exam results.

Accepting an offer

You can only accept 1 offer. When your place is confirmed, you have to accept it and cannot look for another place.

Help and advice

Contact the UCAS Exam Results Helpline for free advice if you’ve received exams results that were not as good as you were expecting.

UCAS Exam Results Helpline
0808 100 8000
Find out about call charges