You can apply for permission to stay in the UK as a Turkish Worker if you’re a Turkish national and have legally worked in the UK for at least 1 year as:

  • the spouse of a British or settled person without any restrictions on working in the UK
  • a holder of a work permit allowing you to work in the UK
  • a student allowed to work 20 hours a week during term time and full time during vacation periods

How long you can stay

The length of time you can stay and what job you can do depends on how long you’ve legally worked in the UK.

How long you’ve worked in the UK Length of permission to be in the UK What you can do
1 to 3 years Up to 2 years Continue to work for the same employer
3 to 4 years Up to 1 year Change employer, but in the same occupation
4+ years Up to 3 years Work in any occupation for any employer

You may also be able to apply to settle in the UK permanently.

You must apply from within the UK before your current permission to stay expires.


There’s no fee for this application.

How long it takes

You’ll get a decision within 6 months.

What you can do

You can:

  • include your family (‘dependants’) on this extension if they’re already in the UK, for example your partner and children switch into this category from another visa
  • switch into this category from another visa