Tenancy agreements: a guide for landlords (England and Wales)

What you should include in a tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement should include:

  • the names of all people involved
  • the rental price and how it’s paid
  • information on how and when the rent will be reviewed
  • the deposit amount and how it will be protected
  • when the deposit can be fully or partly withheld, eg to repair damage caused by tenants
  • the property address
  • the start and end date of the tenancy
  • any tenant or landlord obligations
  • which bills your tenants are responsible for

It can also include information on:

  • whether the tenancy can be ended early and how this can be done
  • who’s responsible for minor repairs (other than those that the landlord is legally responsible for)
  • whether the property can be let to someone else (sublet) or have lodgers

The terms of the tenancy must be fair and comply with the law. You can use a model agreement as a template.

You can’t have anything in your tenancy agreement that may indirectly discriminate against your tenants.