Appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal

What happens at the hearing

You must take your appeal papers and the documents you’re using as evidence. Evidence will usually be shared with all parties.

At the hearing

You (and anyone you’ve brought to take part in the hearing) may be asked questions by:

  • your representative (if you have one), such as a lawyer, friend, family member or someone from an advice centre
  • the government department or council’s representative (known as the ‘presenting officer’)
  • a panel of experts - who they are depends on what the case is about
  • the judge

The tribunal will provide you with an interpreter if you’ve asked for one. They can translate what happens during the hearing but they can’t represent you or give you legal advice.

Claim expenses

You may be able to claim for reasonable expenses for going to the tribunal, for example:

  • travel expenses to cover your fare if you get there using public transport
  • travel expenses of 12p per mile if you drive, plus 2p per mile for up to 2 passengers
  • meals - £4.25 if you’re away for more than 5 hours, £9.30 for more than 10 hours or £13.55 for more than 12 hours
  • loss of earnings - £38.96 if you’re away from work for up to 4 hours or £75.59 for 4 hours or more
  • care expenses up to the National Minimum Wage, for example for a childminder

The clerk will help you fill in a claim form when you go to the hearing. Contact the tribunal before the hearing if you need help.

Make sure you take:

  • receipts
  • a letter from your employer for loss of earnings