Appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal


There are different ways to appeal if you disagree with a decision about benefits, tax credits or child maintenance.

Before you appeal

First, you must ask for the decision to be looked at again - this is called ‘mandatory reconsideration’. You’ll usually need to do this within one month of a decision about most benefits, tax credits or child maintenance (sometimes known as ‘child support’).

You can’t usually appeal to the tribunal if you haven’t asked for mandatory reconsideration within the time limit.

After your mandatory reconsideration decision, you’ll usually need to appeal to the tribunal within one month.

Housing Benefit

You don’t need to ask for mandatory reconsideration if you’re appealing a decision about Housing Benefit - you’ll need to appeal to the local council that made the decision.

Help you can get

Contact Citizens Advice if you want help with your appeal, for example with filling in forms or going to a hearing.

You can also ask an adviser, friend, family member or lawyer to appeal on your behalf.