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Contact your council for a skip operator’s licence for your skip hire company.

Your company must have a permit before you place a skip on any public road or footpath.


Your council may require you to be registered under the skip hirer registration scheme before you can apply for a licence.

To register you must provide:

  • proof of your public liability insurance - with a minimum cover of £5,000,000
  • a copy of a waste transfer note
  • a waste carrier’s licence certificate
  • a goods vehicle operator’s licence.

Conditions of your licence

You must make sure the skip is:

  • marked with your name, address and telephone number
  • in good condition, eg no holes
  • not going to cause any injuries to pedestrians who brush past it
  • not an obstruction to road or footpath users
  • not blocking any drains
  • painted yellow on both ends to reflect headlights of approaching cars
  • not placed on a verge
  • not placed outside nightclubs when the club is in use

The council will tell you how long you can have the skip placed in the location.

How to apply

Apply for a skip operator’s licence by contacting your council.

You will have to pay a fee for each new and renewed licence you apply for. The fee is set by the council and can vary.

Fines and penalties

You can be fined by the council if you place an unlicensed skip on a public road, cause damage to any public property or fail to make sure the skip is safe.