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You need a ship sanitation certificate if you own a ship that operates between countries or offshore.

How to apply

Contact the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) to apply for a ship sanitation certificate.


Your ship will need to be inspected at an authorised port. The inspector will check that the ship is not a danger to public health or the spread of infection.

Inspections can also include any persons on your ship. An inspector may:

  • detain a person for examination
  • order clothing and articles to be disinfected
  • instruct a verminous person to be disinfected
  • stop people leaving the ship to prevent the spread of infection

A ship sanitation certificate will be issued if the ship inspection is satisfactory.

Certificates last for 6 months, although you can request an extension for 1 month.

Fees and charges

You need to pay a fee for inspection and the certificate. The fee depends upon the size of your ship.