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Measuring success

Data you have to share with the Performance Platform

The Performance Platform is a tool for sharing your service’s performance data in a way that’s easy to understand for:

  • your own team
  • the rest of government
  • the general public

It provides visualisations for your data. Together, the visualisations make a dashboard. You can use these to:

  • improve your service
  • help your service to meet the Service Standard
  • learn more about your service by comparing your data with that of other services

What data you have to report

You must report on the 4 mandatory KPIs, which are:

Where the platform gets its information

The information on the platform comes from a combination of the following sources:

  • service desks
  • back-end systems, for example monitoring systems for response times and availability
  • web analytics software
  • surveys
  • finance data

How to put your data onto the platform

To put your data onto the Performance Platform, contact the Performance Platform team:

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