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  3. How the live phase works

The live phase is the time to keep improving your service based on:

  • user feedback
  • analytics
  • your ongoing user research

Before you go live

Before you can make your service live, you must make sure:

The team you need in live

You should know the roles you need to run your service, based on your experience of building it.

Don’t disband your service team, or hand the service over to a ‘business as usual’ team that won’t keep iterating and improving it.

As you iterate and improve different parts of your service, you may find the team size changes along with your need for specialist roles.

Find out more about the team you need in the live phase.

After you go live

After you move to the live phase you should keep improving your service based on user feedback, analytics and further user research.

You should also:

You should repeat the development phases (discovery, alpha, beta and live) for smaller pieces of work as your service continues running.

Keep finding things that need improvement, do research to get the best solutions, iterate, then release.

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