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The agile community exists to:

  • share information about how to use agile ways of working in government
  • give agile practitioners the opportunity to share experiences, observed behaviours and best practice
  • give people a space to discuss and challenge the way agile methods are used to deliver government projects and products

Who the community is for

You might be interested in the community if you use (or want to use) agile methods to deliver government projects or products.

You don’t have to be in a software development role to join.

Get involved

Join the government agile delivery Google group, the main cross-government forum for discussing agile (request access using your government email address).

Community resources

Use these resources to learn more about agile in government:

Agile in the Service Manual

These guides show what we currently believe to be best practice for delivering government services in an agile way:

Help us keep the Service Manual up to date by:

  • contributing to community discussions
  • telling us if something is wrong or out of date using the feedback link at the top of each guide
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