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Contact your council if you want to register as a second hand dealer in Scotland.

You’ll usually need to register if you sell or trade the following goods:

  • second hand motor vehicles, vehicle parts or accessories
  • jewellery
  • furniture and domestic appliances
  • antiques
  • clocks and watches
  • televisions, radios, video or DVD recorders and musical instruments
  • bicycles
  • DVDs, CDs and computer games


You might have to keep a record of any second hand goods you deal, depending on the council. This can include:

  • date
  • quantity
  • description of goods
  • name and address of the buyer or seller

You could be fined if you’re required to keep records and you don’t.


You don’t need a second hand dealer’s licence if you’re:

  • a pawnbroker
  • a wholesale dealer buying exclusively from licensed second hand dealers
  • a charity registered in Scotland
  • dealing in second hand goods as part of another unrelated business
  • a business supplying goods through a credit agreement (eg ‘hire purchase’)

Fines and penalties

You could be fined up to £2,500 for dealing second hand goods without a licence.