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Transparency and freedom of information releases

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Of Type FOI release
From Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
  • Requests for restoration of patent applications

    Details of published GB patent applications where requests for restoration have been filed.

  • Certification trade marks

    Provides information held by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) on UK certification marks in force, refused, withdrawn or being processed (as at 30 January 2020).

  • Trade mark oppositions

    Data on oppositions which have been defended at various stages and a breakdown of represented and unrepresented applicants concerned.

  • Trade mark hearings

    The number of the various types and formats of trade mark hearings that have taken place over the last 10 years.

  • Trade mark filings by class

    Figures of UK trade mark applications and International registrations designating the UK in the food and drinks classes.

  • Historical documents relating to employee inventions and compensation

    Documents leading up to the 1977 Bill relating to employee inventions and compensation.

  • Complaints and information requests

    Data on the following: Complaints, data protection requests, freedom of information requests questions from parliament and correspondences from ministers.

  • Pay of IPO employees

    Mean and median earnings for employees, including gender split and salary minima and maxima for each grade.

  • Merged trade marks

    The number of merger requests filed with the UKIPO in the last 20 years.

  • Complaints against Collective Management Organizations

    A list of complaints against UK CMOs (including CMOs with Memoranda of Understanding with the IPO) from 2015.

  • Gender split of patent applicants

    Statistics of how many patents are granted to men/women in the UK per year.

  • National security patents

    Questions about the handling of applications restricted under section 22 of the patents Act 1977.

  • Number of patent applications in 2017 by London borough

    Data on patent applications from the London area.

  • Channels for patent payments

    What channels are provided for patent payments, volume of patent payments and supplier for each channel.

  • Time series of numbers of patents granted and lapsed

    Annual numbers of granted and lapsed patents from 1988 to end of 2018.

  • CBD trade marks

    The number of trade marks filed which contain "CBD" either in the trade mark or somewhere in their specification

  • Intellectual property piracy complaints

    The number of complaints of piracy reported to the department between January 2014 and June 2019.

  • Staffing of Brexit work

    Number of staff employed by the IPO to work primarily or specifically on Brexit preparations or policy.

  • Time from filing design invalidity actions to decisions

    Information regarding appealed oppositions (both to the Appointed Person and to the Court)

  • Trade mark opposition decisions which have been appealed

    Information regarding appealed oppositions (both to the Appointed Person and to the Court).