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  1. Innovative nuclear competition launch – are you ready for the challenge?

    A £3.9 million competition has been launched to find innovative ways to sort and segregate radioactive waste at some of the UK’s oldest nuclear sites.

  2. Foundation industries: building a resilient recovery: apply for funding

    UK-registered businesses can apply for a share of £8 million in grant funding for projects supporting the recovery and growth of foundation industries.

  3. UK aid funding available for innovative energy projects

    The UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, is offering £20m of UK aid funding to develop and demonstrate innovative solutions for clean, affordable and secure energy access in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia or South East Asia.

  4. Arrival: Innovate UK-backed firm achieves ‘unicorn’ status

    UK electric vehicle maker Arrival has attained a valuation of €3 billion following backing from Innovate UK’s Industry Strategy Challenge Fund.

  5. Over £100 million cash boost to manufacture millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine

    New state-of-the-art centre to scale up COVID-19 vaccine and gene therapy manufacturing gets £100 million investment.

  6. ACT Blade

    An Innovate UK-backed start-up has developed a longer, lighter wind turbine blade that could generate more power, cost-effectively.

  7. BuffaloGrid

    This smart energy business supported by Innovate UK aims to power a smartphone revolution that will help drive wealth and wellbeing in the developing world.

  8. Deos: delivering faster and better mobile medical screening

    A Somerset-based enterprise supported by Innovate UK has developed a mobile service for radiography that can cut costs and speed up medical screening for breast cancer and other diseases.

  9. Gravitricity

    Two Innovate UK grants have helped this Scottish clean technology company store electricity by lowering weights inside disused mine shafts.

  10. PyroGenesys

    Using advanced thermal technology, a start-up business has developed pioneering waste-power electricity generation for off-grid rural use in sub-Saharan Africa.

  11. Highview Power

    This Innovate UK-funded company uses air as a form of energy storage, mixing eco credentials with commercial potential.

  12. Smarter Manufacturing - Digital Supply Chain: apply for funding

    Technology and manufacturing businesses can now apply for funding to develop innovative digital technologies that have the potential to transform supply chains.

  13. Revolutionising the way we fly: apply for business funding

    Organisations can apply for a share of up to £30 million to develop ways to support safe operations of novel modes of air transportation – minimising the environmental footprint and improving connectivity.

  14. Government unveils £200 million package to help innovative businesses bounce back

    The Sustainable Innovation Fund will help companies recovering from the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) keep their cutting-edge projects and ideas alive.

  15. Driving the change towards Net Zero: apply for funding

    Businesses can apply for a share of £15 million to catalyse the green economic recovery in transport, energy and industrial sectors.

  16. New tech to tackle leaves on the line and de-ice platforms set to revolutionise British rail travel

    National competition awards £9.4 million funding to innovative projects that will make railways cleaner, greener and more passenger-friendly.

  17. Designing ways to reduce plastic waste: apply for funding

    Businesses can apply for a share of £800,000 to look at innovative designs for products, services or business models that make plastic use more sustainable.

  18. Innovate UK: COVID-19 business support

    An update on the support available to businesses from Innovate UK due to COVID-19 and advice for award holders.

  19. £40m boost for cutting-edge start-ups

    Innovative businesses and start-ups are set to benefit from a £40 million government investment to drive forward new technological advances.

  20. Ionburst: safe and anonymous data in the cloud

    Innovate UK helps Scottish firm keep world-leading digital security tech in Britain