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  1. Finding solutions to global displacement

    Statement by Ambassador Jonathan Allen, UK Charge d' Affaires to the UN, at the Security Council briefing by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees

  2. Three further flights to bring hundreds of British travellers home from Bangladesh

    The government has announced 3 further charter flights from Bangladesh, bringing more than 900 British travellers home to the UK.

  3. 20,000 stranded Brits returning to the UK from South Asia on UK charter flights

    More than 20,000 British travellers, on 83 Government charter flights, will return to the UK from across South Asia by 7 May.

  4. UK announces 5 more flights from Bangladesh to bring home over a thousand Brits

    An additional 5 charter flights will bring home more than 1,250 British travellers to the UK from Bangladesh.

  5. Bangladesh charter flights to return stranded Brits

    UK announces 4 charter flights from Bangladesh to take home British travellers.

  6. Lord Ahmad addresses 43rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council

    At the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Minister Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon explained how the UK prioritises promoting and protecting human rights.

  7. UK statement at the Global Refugee Forum

    The UK's Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Julian Braithwaite, delivers a statement to the first-ever Global Refugee Forum.

  8. Diplomatic Correspondent Association of Bangladesh (DCAB) Talk 2019: speech by Robert Chatterton Dickson

    British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Robert Chatterton Dickson delivered a speech at the DCAB Talk in Dhaka on 8 July 2019, highlighting the deep UK-Bangladesh relationship.

  9. Foreign Office launches 2018 Human Rights and Democracy Report

    Thirty countries’ human rights developments are analysed in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s annual report.

  10. Minister focuses on media freedom and economic progress in Bangladesh

    Mark Field, Minister for Asia and the Pacific, was the first UK minister to meet with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina since elections in December.

  11. Future of UK-Bangladesh partnership: Mark Field's speech

    Minister Mark Field spoke at the 'Governance and development: the way forward for Bangladesh' seminar organised by the Policy Research Institute in Dhaka.

  12. Change of British High Commissioner to Bangladesh - March 2019

    Mr Robert Chatterton Dickson has been appointed British High Commissioner to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

  13. Minister for Asia statement on Bangladesh elections

    FCO Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific Mark Field comments on the announcement of the unofficial results for Bangladesh’s general election

  14. FCO Minister statement on Rohingya Repatriation to Burma

    Minister for Asia and Pacific Mark Field deeply concerned by reports of premature Rohingya repatriation efforts.

  15. Security Council briefing on the UN Fact-Finding Mission in Burma

    Statements by Ambassador Karen Pierce, UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations at the Security Council Briefing on Myanmar/Burma.

  16. Foreign Secretary celebrates Commonwealth progress

    The UK hosts event for Commonwealth countries at UN General Assembly in New York on 25 September 2018.

  17. UK and France host high-level event on the Rohingya crisis

    Statement from UK and France following a meeting on Burma in the margins of the 2018 United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

  18. Let us act for the sake of humanity: Lord Ahmad's UN Security Council statement on Rohingya refugees

    Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, Minister for the Commonwealth and the United Nations, gave a statement at the Security Council briefing on Burma.

  19. UK Minister calls for international action on accountability and support for Rohingya refugees

    Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon addressed the UN Security Council on Burma, calling on the international community to increase support for Rohingya refugees.

  20. Lord Ahmad's Human Rights speech

    Event to launch the 2017 Annual Human Rights and Democracy Report laid in parliament on 16 July.