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  1. National security vetting: advice for people who are being vetted

    This advice explains national security vetting and how the process works.

  2. Government baseline personnel security standard

    Guidance on the pre-employment screening of civil servants, members of the armed forces, temporary staff and government contractors.

  3. Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005: enforcement

    Guidance for fire and rescue authorities and other bodies about their duty to enforce fire safety in non-domestic premises.

  4. Fire safety risk assessment: 5-step checklist

    Checklist to help people responsible for business premises to complete a fire safety risk assessment.

  5. Fire safety risk assessment: offices and shops

    Guidance about completing a fire safety risk assessment for people responsible for offices and shops.

  6. The code of practice for victims of crime and supporting public information materials

    Code of practice governing services to be provided in England and Wales to victims of criminal conduct which occurred in England and Wales.

  7. Grenfell Tower fire: support for people affected

    Information about the support available for people affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy on 14 June 2017.

  8. Building Safety Programme

    The programme was established to make sure that residents of high-rise buildings are safe – and feel safe – now, and in the future.

  9. Fire safety risk assessment: sleeping accommodation

    Guidance about completing a fire safety risk assessment for people responsible for sleeping accommodation.

  10. Household appliances recalled due to fire risk

    List of household appliances recalled due to fire risk since 2010.

  11. Preparation and planning for emergencies: responsibilities of responder agencies and others

    How the government prepares and plans for emergencies, working nationally, locally and co-operatively to ensure civil protection in the UK.

  12. The Building Safety Programme

    The government has established a comprehensive Building Safety Programme to ensure that residents of high-rise blocks of flats are safe and feel safe, now and in the future.

  13. Fire safety risk assessment: small and medium places of assembly

    Guidance about completing a fire safety risk assessment for people responsible for small and medium places of assembly.

  14. HMG personnel security controls

    This booklet describes the government’s personnel security and national security vetting policies and how the processes work.

  15. Making your premises safe from fire

    Short guide for businesses about complying with fire safety law.

  16. Local resilience forums: contact details

    Contact details for local resilience forums in the UK, and information about what they do.

  17. Resilient communications

    How responders can reduce the risk of communications disruption during emergencies by using ResilienceDirect, HITS and Telecoms Sub-Groups.

  18. Make your home safe from fire

    Guidance about how to make a home safe from fire.

  19. Emergency response and recovery

    Guidance for staff of responder agencies, particularly senior officers or managers involved in emergency response and recovery preparations.

  20. Aluminium composite material cladding

    Information and advice for building owners, landlords and leaseholders where aluminium composite cladding is present on their building.