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  • Hazardous waste: consignment note guidance

    What information the consignment note must contain, who has to complete each part and when it has to be completed.

  • Medical Radionuclide Innovation Programme: apply for the Innovation Project Workstream

    This Programme will support development of technologies that may enable future access to medical radionuclides. The Innovation Project Workstream is now open for applications.

  • GDF (Geological Disposal Facility)

    A permanent solution for the UK's higher-activity radioactive waste

  • How to contact us

    Please get in touch if you would like more information about CoRWM, our positions and how we support our stakeholders.

  • Hazardous waste: segregation and mixing

    Explains what is prohibited, how to describe and classify it and the duty to separate mixed waste.

  • Non-nuclear RSR: environmental permits

    Non-nuclear radioactive substances regulation (RSR), when you need a permit, types of permits, how to apply, change (vary), transfer or surrender your permit.

  • Waste batteries: treat, recycle and export

    Apply for approval as a facility to treat, recycle or export waste batteries for treatment and recycling and the rules you must follow.

  • Geological Disposal - a programme like no other

    Learn more about the history, science and policy behind GDF

  • The UK's nuclear history

    Putting geological disposal into context

  • Creating Standardised Waste Packages

    This page contains Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) Waste Package Specifications and Guidance for waste packages destined for geological disposal.

  • Guidance on the scope of and exemptions from the radioactive substances legislation in the UK

    An aid to interpreting the legislation on radioactive substances in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Hinkley Point: nuclear regulation

    Environment Agency's regulation of Hinkley Point, about EDF’s appeal, how you can find out about environmental permits and other activities at Hinkley Point.

  • Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) - about us

    Who, what, why and where

  • Sizewell: nuclear regulation

    Environment Agency's regulation of Sizewell A, B and C and how you can find out more about environmental permits and other activities at these nuclear sites.

  • Monitoring radioactivity

    Sources of radioactivity in the environment and how levels of radioactivity are monitored and assessed.

  • Developments requiring planning permission and environmental permits

    How the Environment Agency will respond to planning consultations that include activities we permit under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 (EPR).

  • Radioactive substances regulation (RSR) guidance

    This guidance is aimed at helping readers understand the permitting and other requirements specific to Radioactive Substances Regulation.

  • Waste Services

    We have more than 10 years’ experience of successfully working with our customers to develop solutions across the radioactive waste lifecycle and provide access to the full range of treatment, logistics, and disposal techniq…

  • Shipping radioactive sources between the UK and EU

    The processes that operators need to follow when shipping radioactive sources to and from EU countries.

  • Radioactive waste, spent fuel or sources

    European and UK regulations govern how you can move radioactive waste or spent nuclear fuel into or out of the country.