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National security and intelligence

  1. Government baseline personnel security standard

    Guidance on the pre-employment screening of civil servants, members of the armed forces, temporary staff and government contractors.

  2. HMG personnel security controls

    This booklet describes the government’s personnel security and national security vetting policies and how the processes work.

  3. Security requirements for List X contractors

    Guidance on maintaining security for List X contractors.

  4. National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies – 2017 Edition

    The National Risk Register 2017 explains the risks of major emergencies that could affect the UK in the next five years and provides resilience advice and guidance.

  5. Emergency planning and preparedness: exercises and training

    How to run exercises and training for emergency planning and preparedness, with an introduction to the Central Government Emergency Response Training (CGERT) Course.

  6. The role of Information Asset Owners (IAOs) in government

    Responsibilities of an IAO in managing the risks to personal information and business critical information held within a department.

  7. Government supplier assurance framework

    This framework helps the government to manage supplier risk.

  8. National security vetting: advice for staff

    Advice for staff with national security vetting on their responsibilities and requirements.

  9. Security policy framework: legal guidance

    This guidance is an introduction to the main areas of law within which the security policy framework operates.

  10. Contractual process: placing contracts or releasing assets

    Government organisations who are placing contracts or releasing assets must ensure that appropriate protective security controls are in place to protect assets.

  11. Nuclear Industries Security Regulations: guidance

    The Nuclear Industries Security Regulations require people to appropriately protect sensitive nuclear information.

  12. UK involvement with detainees in overseas counter-terrorism operations

    Related statement, guidance and correspondence.

  13. Industrial security: departmental responsibilities

    Guidance for departments and agencies on protecting classified information when working with contractors.

  14. National intelligence machinery

    The composition of the UK’s intelligence machinery.

  15. Guidance on departmental information risk policy

    The guidance explains what departments must do to develop an information risk policy.

  16. Recruiting for vacancies requiring National Security Vetting clearance

    This code of practice explains the process for recruiting for vacancies that have National Security Vetting clearance.

  17. Information charter template for departments

    All departments are required to provide contact details so that members of the public can request information about how the government  is holding their personal data.

  18. Protecting against terrorism

    This publication offers security advice and good practice for any organisation looking to protect against the risk of a terrorist act.