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  1. Megantic Services Limited v The Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs: [2010] UKUT 464 (TCC)

    Upper Tribunal Tax and Chancery decision of Mr Justice Arnold on 11 January 2011.

  2. BIM40178 - Specific receipts: refunds of sums paid as VAT: refund accounted for by someone other than the trader who made the overpayment: payment for services
  3. BIM82910 - Business Income Manual: Computing the amount to assess: Mixed Membership Partnerships: Excess profit allocation: International structures
  4. TSEM9954 - Ownership and income tax: Specific types of property: bank and building society accounts: example 13 - Solicitors designated client account
  5. MLR3C17150 - Appendix 6 Agents and Principals: Identifying the status of money transmitters and how they should be registered
  6. Share hydrographic data with Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)

    Find out about MCA’s bathymetric data collection programme, how to share data with MCA, and guidance for offshore developers.

  7. IHTM14631 - Lifetime transfers: specific lifetime reliefs: fall in value relief: not all of the transferred assets are sold
  8. CH81131 - Penalties for Inaccuracies: Types of inaccuracy: Inaccuracy despite taking reasonable care no penalty due - Examples
  9. EIM16058 - Vouchers and credit-tokens: childcare vouchers: examples: employee joining employer’s scheme after 5 April 2011
  10. Relief from VAT on bad debts (VAT Notice 700/18)

    Check if you can claim relief from VAT if you supply goods or services to a customer, but you are not paid.

  11. IHTM14630 - Lifetime transfers: specific lifetime reliefs: fall in value relief: more than one sale
  12. Use of third party data and H-Notes

    How to propose a new survey, what data the UKHO requires for a nautical chart, and how to report safety critical information or errors in our products

  13. IHTM22075 - Tax burden on death: equal beneficiaries, unequal benefits
  14. Calculate the value of your donation to charity

    Work out the amount of Income Tax or Corporation Tax relief you can claim if you give away or sell land, property or shares to a charity.

  15. ESM3510 - Managed Service Companies (MSC): meaning of an MSC
  16. IHTM24124 - Successions: Example of occupation by a company
  17. Completing a stock transfer form

    Find out how to complete a stock transfer form and get it stamped.

  18. PM242000 - International structures
  19. A v XYZ: 3305497/2018

    Employment Tribunal decision.

  20. PM238000 - Takeover of the LLP