Scrapping your vehicle and insurance write-offs

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Where you can scrap your vehicle

Find an authorised treatment facility (ATF) where your vehicle can be scrapped.

When the ATF has your vehicle, they can decide to:

  • completely scrap it
  • repair and sell it themselves

It’s illegal to scrap your vehicle anywhere else.

If your vehicle is completely scrapped

The ATF will give you a ‘certificate of destruction’ within 7 days if you’ve scrapped a:

  • car
  • light van
  • 3-wheeled motor vehicle (but not a motor tricycle)

You will not get a certificate for other types of vehicle.

The certificate is proof that you’ve handed over the vehicle for scrap. If you do not have it, you could still be liable for:

  • traffic offence penalties
  • vehicle tax

Being paid for your scrapped vehicle

The ATF will pay you the scrap value of your vehicle.

It’s illegal to be paid in cash if your vehicle is scrapped in England or Wales. You have to be paid by bank transfer or cheque.

If the ATF repairs and sells your vehicle

You will not get a certificate of destruction if the ATF decides to repair and sell your vehicle.

You can be paid for your vehicle by any method, including cash.