The world top incomes database


The World Top Incomes Database (WTID) is a collective project. Beginning with the research by Thomas Piketty of the long-run distribution of top incomes in France, a succession of studies has constructed top income share time series over the long-run for some thirty countries to date. These works have generated a large volume of data, which are intended as a research resource for further analysis. The WTID aims to providing convenient on line access to all the existent series. This is an ongoing endeavour, and we will progressively update the base with new observations, as authors extend the series forwards and backwards, and incorporate new countries, including a growing number of emerging economies. Despite the database's name, we also plan to add information on the distribution of earnings and the distribution of wealth.


Alvaredo, F.; Atkinson, A.B.; Saez, E.; Piketty, T. The world top incomes database. (2012)

The world top incomes database

Published 1 January 2012