Remove a charity from the charities register

You must remove your charity from the charities register if you’ve closed (or ‘dissolved’) it.

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Close your charity first


Information you need

You need the:

  • value of your charity’s remaining assets - and what happened to them when you closed the charity
  • reason for the closure - recorded in the minutes of the meeting when the trustees decided to close
  • registered number of the new charitable company if your charity has become a charitable company
  • registered number of the charity getting your charity’s remaining property if you’ve transferred it

How long it takes

Your charity will be removed from the register within 15 working days.

Check the register to see if your charity has been removed.

When you can’t use the online form

You can’t use this form if your charity:

Northern Ireland and Scotland

There’s a different process for closing and de-registering your charity in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Contact the:

  • Takes around 7 minutes