Prepare your illustrations

Your illustrations should:

  • show the design as it appears to the eye, using photographs, line drawings, computer-aided design (CAD) or rendered CAD
  • show the design against a plain background, with no details hidden by shadows or reflections
  • not contain text, measurements or other technical information
  • not contain more than one view of the design
  • not include anything that is not part of the design, for example another object or your hand
  • be the same type, not a mixture (for example, all line drawings or all photographs)
  • include the complete pattern and enough to show how the pattern repeats, if you want to register a surface pattern

Include up to 12 illustrations if you’re applying online, with one view per file. Apply by post if you need to show more than 12 illustrations.

If you’re applying by post, your illustrations should be on plain A4 paper.

If your application is shown in colour, or contains tonal contrast, the Intellectual Property Office will assume that those elements are intended to form part of your design (unless you’ve added a ‘disclaimer’).

Colour included in these diagrams is used for illustrative purposes only.

You may need to add more information to your illustrations to make it clear what you want to protect.