1. Who can provide driving tests

Driving tests are usually provided by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

You can apply to DVSA for permission for your own staff to provide driving tests for your employees if you’re a:

  • bus or haulage operating licence holder
  • police service
  • fire and rescue service

Your staff providing driving tests will be known as ‘delegated driving examiners’.

Tests that can be provided

Delegated driving examiners are allowed to provide theory and practical driving tests for drivers of:

  • lorries
  • buses and coaches
  • public service vehicles

Lorry, bus and coach companies

Delegated driving examiners working for lorry, bus and coach companies can test:

  • an employee
  • an employee of a sister company

As a delegated driving examiner, you can’t test someone you’ve trained.

Public services

Delegated driving examiners working for police services and fire and rescue services can test:

  • an employee
  • an employee from the same type of service in a different area

The same delegated driving examiner can provide tests for both a police service and a fire and rescue service, but both must appoint them with DVSA.