Product Safety Report: Schneider Electric - Compact Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (2308-0038)

Product Safety Report for Schneider Electric Compact Moulded Case Circuit Breaker presenting a high risk of fire.


Product: Schneider Electric – Compact Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Hazard: The product presents a high risk of fire due to the potential presence of a non-conforming component.

Corrective action: The manufacturer have notified direct customers of the risk and launched a replacement programme.

Product information

Type Electrical appliances and equipment - Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) for use in commercial premises
Models ComPact NSX, NSU, NSC 400 – 630 amps; EasyPact CVS, EZC, EZD, EZS, CSU 400 – 630 amps; PowerPact L 250 – 600 amps.
Date range of potentially affected items TC-2019-W21-3 ~ TC-2019-W22-2; TC-2019-W24-2 ~ TC-2019-W24-4; TC-2019-W46-2 ~ TC-2019-W47-3; TC-2019-W51-5 ~ TC-2021-W14-4
Country of Origin France
Product Description Electrical protection device that is used to protect an electrical circuit from excessive current, which can cause overload or short-circuit.
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The moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB) within the scope of the corrective action have been identified as presenting a risk of overheating, potentially resulting in fire, the production of smoke, or arc flash in rare circumstances.

The affected MCCBs may contain a non-conforming component, which may result in the circuit breaker not operating as intended under certain conditions. A short circuit on the electrical downstream network will not trigger the safety protection of the MCCB because of this non-conforming component. Consequently, high current will flow in the load, cable and MCCB, which may lead to fire and smoke depending on the size of the installation and of the short-circuit level.

The moulded case circuit breakers within the scope of the corrective action do not meet the requirements of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.

Corrective action

Schneider Electric has taken the following corrective measures:

  • Notified all direct customers of the risk associated with the potentially affected MCCBs.
  • Ensured third parties or end users have been notified.
  • Offered to replace on site the potentially non-conforming component or replace the MCCB.
  • Provided safety instructions for any intervention, including product date code identification.
  • Provided a warning label informing users of the hazards and that product requires remediation.

Additional information

PSD case number: 2308-0038

Notified by: Health and Safety Executive

Published 14 August 2023