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If you operate an installation for the unloading of petrol into stationary storage tanks or motor vehicle refuelling activities at a service station in Scotland, you may require a pollution prevention and control (PPC) permit from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

How to apply

You must include the following information in your application:

  • your name, telephone number, address, or those of your authorised contact, and any other necessary contact details
  • the address of the site and a national grid reference, map or plan to show the site location and boundaries
  • the local authority where the business is to be based
  • details of any existing permits for the installation
  • the legal status of the operation

If you are applying for a PPC for a new installation or to change an existing PPC, you must also include the following documents:

  • site maps of the installation - showing the location of the site and the activities to be completed
  • details of how the petrol is to be unloaded - eg when the vapour balancing equipment was installed, how much petrol is unloaded in a year, and how deliveries are controlled
  • copies of technical documents - site specific assessments, process diagrams for vapour balancing
  • supervision, training and qualification documents for staff
  • examination schedules for equipment
  • contingency measures

An application and annual subsistence fee will be charged.


Your permit may have specific conditions to adhere to, depending on your operations. You must also follow any best available techniques to prevent and minimise pollution.

If you wish to surrender a PPC, you will have to apply to SEPA using the relevant form and pay a processing fee.