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You may need to get a pollution prevention and control (PPC) Part B permit if you operate a facility in Scotland which produces air emissions.

Certain commercial activities which produce air emissions are called Part B activities. These include:

  • dry cleaning
  • petrol vapour recovery (PVR)
  • cement batching
  • roadstone coating

Contact your local Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) office to find out if you need a permit.


The permit means you must:

  • monitor the emissions from the activity (or activities) and record the results
  • notify SEPA in case of accidental releases and releases above the limits set for your emissions
  • keep certain records that may be inspected by SEPA

SEPA periodically reviews each of its PPC permits.

How to apply

The SEPA website has information on applying for a PPC Part B permit.

You will have to pay an application fee. There’s also a fee to make major changes to your permit.

Read ‘Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2000 - A Practical Guide’ for more information.

Fines and penalties

You could be fined up to £20,000 and/or be sentenced to 6 months imprisonment if you don’t get a permit or don’t comply with the conditions of your permit.