From North Somerset Council


Apply for a licence from your local council if you want to place tables, chairs or other temporary furniture on the pavement in England and Wales.


Your permit might include restrictions, for example on how big the furniture can be or where you can place it on the pavement.

You will probably have to meet other conditions, like leaving a certain width of pavement free for pedestrian traffic or marking the border of your seating area with metal studs.

How to apply

You can usually apply to your local council in person, by post or through their website.

You’ll need to supply documents to support your application, including a site plan and a public liability insurance certificate.

You may also need to pay an application fee.

Fines and penalties

If you don’t get the permit, follow the conditions or pay the licence fee, your local council may force you to remove your furniture from the pavement.

The issuing authority for this licence is North Somerset Council (change location)

You can contact them using the details below.

Town Hall
Walliscote Grove Road

BS23 1UJ