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You must notify the police of any ‘one-on/one-off’ firearms transactions in Northern Ireland.

A ‘one-on/one-off’ transaction is when a firearms certificate (FAC) holder and a dealer exchange an identical firearm in calibre and type (except gunshot gauge).

How to apply

Download a notification form from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) website.

You can notify the police if you are the dealer or the FAC. Both the dealer’s and the FAC holder’s signatures are required.

If your firearm is on loan to another holder, both parties need to complete separate forms.

If you hold a European firearms pass you should submit this as well for amendment.

A fee is payable.

You must send your form to the PSNI Firearms and Explosives Branch within 72 hours of the transaction by post, fax, courier or hand.

PSNI Firearms and Explosives Branch
Telephone: 0800 783 9899
Fax: 028 9092 2946

Firearms and Explosives Branch
PSNI Lisnasharragh
42 Montgomery Road


Handguns will require ballistic testing. You should contact your local firearms enquiry officer after the exchange.

Fines and penalties

It is a criminal offence not to notify the PSNI of a one-on/one-off firearms transaction.