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To make copies of newspaper content for teaching purposes, you generally need a licence from the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA).

Making copies can include photocopying, faxing, scanning and emailing.

An educational licence permits you to make copies from:

  • UK national and regional newspapers
  • newspaper websites
  • certain specialist and foreign titles

It also permits you to:

  • use an overhead projector to project newspaper content onto a screen
  • include newspaper content in study literature
  • receive and distribute newspaper content from a public relations or press cuttings agency

How to apply

You can apply for an educational licence through the NLA

Annual fees consist of a basic licence fee calculated on the total number of staff and students at your educational establishment and, where appropriate, additional fees for frequent paper and digital copying.

If you have not applied for a licence before, you may also have to pay an indemnity charge to cover past copying.


Licences are subject to certain conditions (eg keeping records of the number of copies made and making these available for inspection by the NLA on request.)

Fines and Penalties

If you make copies of newspaper content without a licence, you are infringing copyright and could be sued for damages.

If you fail to pay the licence fee or comply with any other licence conditions, the NLA may terminate the licence.

If you are a business that makes copies of newspaper content for internal use (eg articles relating to your business, industry or competitors) you may need a business licence from the NLA instead.