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      Marine Accident Investigation Branch

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      • Pride of Kent report published

        Contact and grounding of a ro-ro passenger ferry while departing the Port of Calais, France.

      • Inspectors of Marine Accidents - Southampton

        The Marine Accident Investigation Branch has vacancies for three Inspectors of Marine Accidents.

      • Throw bag rescue line report published

        Failure of a throw bag rescue line during a boat capsize drill in Widnes, England.

      • Celtica Hav report published

        Grounding of a general cargo vessel in the approaches to the River Neath, Wales.

      • SMN Explorer report published

        Fatal accident after a hatch cover fell on a berthed cargo vessel at Alexandra Dock, King's Lynn, England.

      • Solstice report and flyer published

        Capsize and sinking of a fishing vessel with the loss of 1 life off Plymouth, England.

      • North Star report and flyer published

        Fatal man overboard from a fishing vessel while shooting creels off Cape Wrath, Scotland.

      • Tri-Branch Management Board chairman appointed

        Air Marshal Sir Richard Frank Garwood, KBE, CB, DFC, has been appointed Chairman of the Tri-Branch Management Board.

      • Celtic Spirit report published

        Dragging anchor by a general cargo vessel leading to collisions with two other vessels on the River Humber, England.

      • MAIB has a new Chief Inspector

        Andrew Moll has been appointed as the new Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents.

      • Safety Bulletin 4/2018 published

        Urgent bulletin on working in enclosed spaces issued after a fatal accident on fishing vessel Sunbeam at Fraserburgh, Scotland.

      • CMA CGM Centaurus report published

        Container ship's heavy contact with quay and shore cranes while arriving at the port of Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates.

      • MAIB safety digest 2/2018 published

        A collection of lessons learned from marine accidents.

      • Eddystone and Red Eagle report published

        Two incidents of unintentional release of carbon dioxide from fixed fire-extinguishing systems on roll on, roll off vessels while at sea.

      • Illustris report and flyer published

        Fatal man overboard from a stern trawler while berthed at Royal Quays Marina, North Shields.

      • Safety Bulletin 3/2018 published

        Urgent safety lesson issued after keel failure led to the yacht Tyger of London capsizing off Tenerife, Canary Islands.

      • New MAIB Safety Investigation

        Update on the progress of the Priscilla investigation

      • Wight Sky report published

        Catastrophic engine failure resulting in a fire and injuries on board ro-ro passenger ferry Wight Sky

      • Varuna report and flyer published

        Fatal man overboard from a single-handed fishing vessel off the north-west coast of Scotland.

      • CV24 report published

        Grounding and loss of a commercially operated yacht at Cape Peninsula, South Africa.